Are you the perfect Valentine? Complete the questionnaire to find out.

1. Your partner suggest doing something special one evening. Which do you prefer?
a. Staying at home and cooking your favourite meal together (1)
b. A candle-lit dinner in a restaurant (2)
c. McDonald and then a film (0)

2. Which is the most romantic to you?
a. A moonlight walk on a beach (2)
b. Going to movies (0)
c. Watching your favourite soap opera on TV together (0)

3. What's the perfect Valentine's gift for your partner?
a. Me,of course (0)
b. A box of chocolates and flowers (1)
c. A surprise weekend by the sea (2)

4. Do you believe in love at first sight?
a.Yes (2)
b. I used to (1)
c. No (0)

5. When you send flowers, do you...
a. order a dozen red roses? (1)
b. have a bouquet made up in your partner's favourite colours? (2)
c. buy a bunch at the supermarket checkout counter? (0)

6. Your partner is coming to dinner. What music do you put on in the background?
a. Classical (2)
b. Romantic movie theme tunes (0)
c. Drum'n'bass (0)

7. Where would you like to go on your honeymoon?
a. The football World Cup Finals (0)
b. Disneyland (0)
c. Paris (2)

8. What have you done with your old Valentine cards?
a. Kept them all (1)
b.Kept a few special ones (2)
c. Throw them all away (0)

Считаем баллы :)
12-16 You are hopelessly romantic. Will you be my Valentine?
8-12 You know what romantice is, but you're not very good at it. You need to try a bit harder. Go and watch a few more weepy movies.
0-8 oh dear! You've got a lot to learn about romance. Go and do the questionnaire again. Seriously though, you are more likely to have a long-lasting relationship than those who scored higher then you!

не мое :) нашла у ребенка в бумажках с курсов по английскому :)
12.02.2012 12:42:30

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